Sサイズ艦船模型用ステンレス製金属脚2本セット Set of 2 stainless steel metal legs for S size ship model







Two metal legs and two M3 screws and two M3 nuts are included.

-Overwhelming corrosion resistance compared to brass. It will not rust unless it is used in a very special way.
-The model is further enhanced by finishing with sand sheet polishing.
-The simple design makes the model even more attractive.
・ Reliable Japanese-made materials and domestic processing


・ Uses chrome nickel stainless steel SUS304
・ Sand sheet finish
・ Compatible with M3 screws (can be used if it is M3 or less)
-The height is 20 mm, the diameter of the lower part is 15 mm, and the diameter of the upper part is 10 mm.

Precautions for use
-It is necessary to fix the M3 nut inside the ship in advance.
-The base and model body other than the decorative leg body are not included.

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